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Back To School Sales Tax Holiday Weekend 2018

Posted by Michael D. Machen, CPA, CVA on Jul 19, 2018

There are several different types of tax-free weekend events in the U.S. Some apply to Energy Star products or hurricane preparedness, or back-to-school shopping needs. This year the State of Alabama will be participating in the Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday Weekend beginning Friday, July 20 through Sunday, July 22. Alabama’s 13th Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday will begin at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, July 20, and end at midnight on Sunday, July 22.

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Which Intangibles Should Private Firms Report Following A Merger?

Posted by Michael D. Machen, CPA, CVA on Jun 15, 2018

2018 is expected to be a hot year for mergers and acquisitions. But accounting for these transactions under U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) can be complicated, especially if the deal involves intangible assets. Fortunately, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) offers a reporting alternative for private companies that simplifies accounting for new business combinations, avoiding a lot of red tape.

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Five Prime Issues For Business Startups

Posted by Michael D. Machen, CPA, CVA on May 09, 2018

Items for new owners to resolve

Are you starting a new business venture or investing in potential opportunities in the marketplace? Before you make any commitments, be aware that there are numerous practical considerations from a business, tax and legal perspective. In other words, there is much more involved than just fronting the cash.

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A Net Operating Loss On Your 2017 Tax Return Isn't All Bad News.

Posted by Michael D. Machen, CPA, CVA on Apr 19, 2018

When a company’s deductible expenses exceed its income, generally a net operating loss (NOL) occurs. If when filing your 2017 income tax return you found that your business had an NOL, there is an upside: tax benefits. But beware — the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) makes some significant changes to the tax treatment of NOLs.

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Sec. 179 Expensing Provides Small Businesses Tax Savings on 2017 Returns — and More Savings In The Future

Posted by Michael D. Machen, CPA, CVA on Mar 08, 2018

If you purchased qualifying property by December 31, 2017, you may be able to take advantage of Section 179 expensing on your 2017 tax return. You’ll also want to keep this tax break in mind in your property purchase planning, because the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), signed into law this past December, significantly enhances it beginning in 2018.

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Top 10 Things Companies Need to Know About Tax Reform

Posted by Michael D. Machen, CPA, CVA on Feb 14, 2018

The $1.5 trillion new tax law represents the most sweeping change to the tax code in a generation. Tax reform of this magnitude will have broad implications for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. While accountants and tax departments wade through the 185-page legislation, here are the top 10 things companies need to know:

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Tax Code Changes Will Affect Your Paycheck

Posted by Michael D. Machen, CPA, CVA on Jan 04, 2018

The tax reform bill approved by Congress will take effect January 1, 2018, and your paycheck will be affected, but at this point, you may have to wait until February to see the change.

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Who Could Benefit From an IRA Charitable Rollover?

Posted by Michael D. Machen, CPA, CVA on Dec 21, 2017


Consider contributing your "Required Minimum Distribution" (RMD) to a charity. It’s called the charitable IRA rollover. It’s a tax planning strategy for donors giving anywhere from $100 to $100,000 that was made a permanent part of the tax law in 2016. Now, with the big changes in the tax cuts bill, it makes this strategy even more relevant as millions of Americans will take the increased standard deduction and lose the incentive to itemize their taxes, including charitable deductions. 

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Five Ideas for a 2018 Business Plan

Posted by Michael D. Machen, CPA, CVA on Dec 06, 2017

It is almost 2018 … do you know where your business plan for the new year is?

Developing a business plan for the upcoming year is a laborious task, but it is often critical to the continued success of the operation. Although the details will vary from company to company, the best approach is to confront the challenges expected for the year and address the strengths and weaknesses within the organization. Conversely, if a business has a merely rudimentary plan—or even worse, no plan at all—the likelihood of real progress is diminished.

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Machen McChesney Voted as Best Accountant for Readers' Choice Awards.

Posted by Michael D. Machen, CPA, CVA on Nov 15, 2017

For 12 years running 

Opelika-Auburn News proudly presents the winners of the 18th annual Readers’ Choice Awards. Machen McChesney was voted the best accounting firm in East Alabama by Opelika-Auburn News readers. Machen McChesney has had the great fortune to have been voted the best accounting firm every year since the inception of the best accountant category.

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